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Who I AM



I am Victoria Fiorini. I am balanced / a yogi / calm / a camper / cocktail crafter / a coffee drinker / an adventurer / a concert goer / a cookie & pie baker / a creative explorer / diplomatic / a DIY-er / a dog co-piloter / a hippie / a good listener / a good vibes seeker / a goofball / a graphic designer / an Illustrator / a snow lover / an interactive art director / introspective / a minimalist / a mobile ux designer / a photographer / a photoshop-er / a punk rocker / a researcher / an outdoors lover / a waste hater / a responsive web designer / a bike rider / hopeful / grateful. I also make lost wax cast jewelry! 

My pieces are SWORN to protect you against distructive forces. I make each individual wearable sculpture with love and infused with positive energies . Wearing a SWORN piece pulls all forces of love, kindness, curiosity, freedom, joy, divinity and anything else you seek to the adorned as well as the admirer. SWORN HANDMADE pieces are all one-of-a-kind pieces meant to be worn everyday with confidence. they are not meant to be liked by all, they are meant to be well loved by you because wearing your piece makes you feel good.

My inspiration comes from simple forms and shapes in nature; mountains, trees, the ground, stones, water, wood, bone. I try to create pieces simple and sturdy enough to be comfortably worn everyday but with a twist.

to the craft. 
to make you feel good.
to the laws of attraction.
to be worn and worn in.
to the freedom of the moment.